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Learn data science at scale.

DS12 puts students in a learning environment where the focus is on big data.

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Learn data science at scale.

DS12 puts students in a learning environment where the focus is on big data.



DS12 is the education arm of DataScience, Inc., a Culver City, California-based startup that provides data science as a service and platform. DS12 provides a unique opportunity for students with strong programming and math backgrounds to learn what it takes to work as part of a best-in-class big data team. As part of the program, we’ll help students hone their craft by pairing them with mentors from DataScience and other leading big data companies and startups.



Python and R are the legacy languages of data science; however, both were designed during the single processor era and are beginning to show their limitations. That’s why we’ve chosen to teach Scala, DataScience’s programming language of choice. Despite being embraced by companies like Twitter, Netflix, and LinkedIn, Scala is largely perceived as “too difficult” for the average data scientist.

We’ve taken a different view: We believe functional programming improves our coding standards and boosts our productivity. In our experience, Scala fits well into the data analysis workflow and is readily taught to new data scientists. Plus, if you understand Scala and the Spark ecosystem, tools like Python, Pandas, and scikit-learn are a cinch to pick up.



Data science education often costs thousands of dollars and involves legal agreements that restrict participants’ job prospects. DS12 students won’t pay a dime for tuition, and they’ll receive assistance with their job search, regardless of where they intend to seek employment. Only 12 applicants are accepted to each session of DS12 to keep the learning environment intimate and hands-on, ensuring that graduates come away from the program ready to join the workforce as fully-fledged data scientists.



How closely intertwined is DS12 with DataScience?

DS12 students work independently from DataScience employees, but each DS12 participant has access to personal advisors from DataScience’s staff. Staff members will also regularly give lectures as part of the DS12 curriculum — plus, we’re happy to talk shop over lunch or a beer.

Is DS12 offered remotely or part-time?

This is an intensive full-time program. All applicants must not only commit to the entire 12 weeks of the program, but also must be able to attend classes for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week at our facility in Culver City, CA.  At this time it cannot be done remotely.

Why are you only accepting 12 students per session?

The goal of DS12 isn’t to collect tuition or recruiter fees. We want to attract the best and brightest, and provide them with intensive instruction in a small group setting.

What is the deadline to apply?

There is no hard deadline to apply for the upcoming session; however, this is a highly competitive program and there are only 12 seats available.  It is advisable to apply as soon as possible in order to be considered.

Will I get a job at DataScience at the end of the program?

The goal of DS12 is to provide an environment for participants to hone their craft and go on to do amazing things with data. Perhaps you will do them at DataScience — but we will also introduce you to other leading companies that do awesome work in the data science field.

How is DS12 different from other programs?

We won’t charge you tuition fees or make you sign a non-compete agreement that will limit your employment opportunities. Plus, we offer the chance to learn tools and techniques for large datasets from a team that does data science every day. 

Is DS12 open to international students?

Our biggest priority is to attract top talent regardless of where participants come from, so anyone may apply regardless of location or citizenship. We can provide financial aid, visa, and housing assistance to those who qualify, but participants are responsible for their transportation to Southern California.

What kind of background do I need to be accepted?

We are looking for applicants with math, engineering, or computer science backgrounds who are able to work with large-scale data in a multiprocessor environment. Strong programming skills are a must.

How will learning Scala affect my job prospects?

Positively! In addition to leading companies like Twitter, Netflix, and LinkedIn, many of the best startups use Scala and/or Spark.

I submitted my application but have not yet received a programming assessment.  What should I do?

It may take a few minutes for you to receive an email containing the information you need to take the assessment.  If you still haven’t received it after 30 minutes, check your spam folder or any filters that may have redirected your mail.  If you still cannot find your email, inquire at ds12@datascience.com.